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"I completed my own Transmitter Relays over 20 years ago, and it was the beginning of so much creativity in my life it's difficult to find time for all the projects I would love to do. In that time I spent the first five years doing sessions, and teaching workshops and trainings full time. After that I branched out to accommodate an increasing urge from my creative side, and I've recorded three albums of music, have released a vocal pop music CD "Infusion" in Fall 2011, have shot and edited about fifteen videos to date..
Passing it On
And I founded the Colorpoint Institute to facilitate sharing this wisdom from Osho, Peter Mandel, and all the other geniuses and teachers I've been priveledged to meet and learn from in my life. I have written and published these Colorpuncture courses available here through Colorpoint Inst., also wrote and published a Mandala Drawing Creativity Course, combining Julia Cameron's work with meditation and art. It boils down to living a simple, relaxed life with humor and creativity; which is our birthright. We just have to reach out and take it. The Colorpuncture and meditation program I have created can help individuals do just that." - James St Clair

James St Clair,
Colorpoint Institute, and the Colorpoint Method

James St Clair

James St Clair has been working with people since 1986 when he started with bodywork and massage. He has trained in a varitey of modalities, including Colorpuncture (a hybrid of acupuncture using light and color instead of needles), Path of Love and Awakening of Love work from Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover. He has taught meditation, in particular Osho Active Meditations since 1990, and served on the board of directors for the non profit educational institution Osho Leela Center in Boulder, CO for 5 years 2000-2005. Part of Colorpuncture is not only treating the body/mind with color vibration but also sound vibration. Mr. St Clair has also explored this aspect of healing not only in Colorpuncture, but also as a musician working with sound and silence for meditation and healing. He works internationally offering workshops and events that include sound and silence healing, and singing together as a door to healing and meditation. For more details on that part of the work, see .

Mr. St Clair attributes much of his understanding and approach to working with people to his experience in India where he lived for 10 years in the meditation and healing community surrounding the well known world teacher Osho, who has hundreds of books on human consciousness raising techniques. Residents' work and meditation were one and the same, the idea being consciousness is part of every action, not a technique to practice per se, although specific meditation techniques are part of the activities there.

After completing the 3 day 2014 Practitioner Seminar in England, I'm very happy with how people are receiving the work. The focus on how the light treatments along with the Colorpoint Method wake people up and sensitize them to their own inner world, their own inner voice - it's being understood and integrated by people, and they're really getting turned on. It's great to see, and very rewarding....
~ James St Clair, Director

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I would recommend Colorpuncture Transmitter Relays for anyone whoís eager to go beyond their limitations. Itís a really powerful healing that I found works on both the physical and mental levels.


Colorpuncture, Kirlian EEA:

1990, India: Colorpuncture Therapist Training and public Seminar w/Peter Mandel
1991, India: Colorpuncture Therapist Training and public Seminar w/Peter Mandel
1991, India: Colorpuncture Therapist Training and public Seminar w/Peter Mandel
1992, Munich, Germany: Therapist Seminar w/Peter Mandel
1993, India and Bruchsal, Germany: Colorpuncture Therapist Training and Seminar w/Peter Mandel
1994, Corfu, Greece: Colorpuncture Advanced 7 day Therapist Training w/Peter Mandel
1994, India: Colorpuncture Therapist Training and public Seminar w/Peter Mandel
1994, Corfu, Greece: Colorpuncture Advanced 7 day Training w/Peter Mandel

Other Training:

1986 3 week Massage Training, Italy

1992-1994, Munich, Germany & India: ITO Thermie heat massage training with Champaka
1993-1994, India and Tokyo, Japan: ITO Thermie training Master Level w/ Master teacher Mr Korugi
2002, Santa Fe, New Mexico: Path of Love Facilitator Training Level I, w/ Rafia Morgan, Turiya Hanover
2010, Path of Love Advanced Teaching Retreat, Essence Work, Rafia Morgan, Turiya Hanover, Cologne, Germany
2011, 2013, Greece: Awareness Intensive 2 week Retreat led by Ganga Cording and Avikal Constantino.
2012, 2013, Boulder, CO: Awakening of Love Facilitator Training, Advanced Training.


1987-2011 Osho Active Meditation Leader and Teacher

1990-2008: Colorpuncture, Kirlian Diagnosis and Transmitter Relays Insight sessions and Trainings in India, Japan, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Turkey, Canada, and the US.

1994: Coordinator Colorpuncture Department & Clinic, Osho Academy Healing Arts, India

2000, 2001, 2007: Organizer for Path of Love, Boulder and Crestone, CO, USA (

2005, 2007, 2008: Organizer for Gurdjieff Sacred Dances wkshop w/ Amiyo Devienne ñ Boulder, New York (

2012: Organizer for Satori 1 week Intensive Retreat in Loveland, CO.

2001-2006: Member of Board of Directors and Program Developer for the Osho Leela Meditation Center, Boulder, CO, USA (

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