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The books listed here are great for anyone wanting to find out what Colorpucture is, and how to use it for their own health and well being, or as professionals in the clinical practice. They are invaluable additions to any professional practice, but are NOT medical textbooks, insofar as you do not need to be a trained medical or health pracitioner to understand them. It does help to have completed the Course Level 1, but it is not necessary. They are not starting with the absolute basics, but rather are speaking to the practitioner level. We suggest reading the Course Level 1 first before the OGT book, in particular, as that will give the basics required to understand the ground principles the book refers to. Those two are offered here as a discount package.

Ophthalmotropic Genetic Therapy textbook - OGT

OGT book

©2005, Peter Mandel, 407 pages textbook, printed, distriuted in Germany. This book replaces the out of print Colorpuncture Compendium as the most up to date collection of Colorpuncture knowledge and treatments in an English textbook. It provides much background on the different ground states of endocrine, toxic and degeneration, as well as OGT fields on the forehead. Treatments call for basic colors, Soul Spirit and Greys. With full color graphics.

This new foundational textbook is an introduction to Ophthalmotropic Genetic Therapy - aka OGT. This new method of diagnosis and therapy is based on the iris and related structures. Based on the experience of iris diagnosis the OGT uses the human eye as a genetic mirror image for the recognition of pathological changes in the physical organs and systems. Peter Mandel's original contribution to iris diagnosis and research has been to transfer the topographical phenomenon of the iris onto the body surface. That has resulted in completely new regions, which provide direct therapeutic access to the level of the genetic information.

The OGT book is practice oriented, contains a wealth of images and is laid out logically and easy to understand. The included color plates illustrate the location of the therapy points for easy treatment. The practical application of the OGT is very simple. The OGT opens up new options to treat diseases directly and effectively through the track of the genetic information. Together with Course Level 1 from Colorpoint Institute, the reader will get a thorough introduction to and understanding of Colorpuncture. While the OGT book contains many treamtments, it is best to have the basic understanding of Esogetics and Colorpuncture the Level 1 Course gives.

Esogetics: The Sense & Non-sense of Sickness and Pain

Esogetics book

This book by Peter Mandel teaches there is a sense and nonsense to sickness and pain by presenting a path that can, via the physical body, influence human existence in a holistic way and further an active process of realization. In his book, Peter Mandel presents these thoughts in an understandable and convincing way, corroborating them with both practical examples and clear instructions for therapeutic treatment.

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