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Colorpuncture uses light with pure color on the acupuncture points, meridians, and other points particular to the Colorpuncture system, to effect healing in the cells and systems (endocrine, lymphatic, coordination system, etc) of the body. It is the name of the treatment that has arisen from the research of Peter Mandel. It uses Energy Emission analysis (Kirlian photography) for diagnosis. Kirlian photography enables the practitioner to record energy imbalances in the patterns of energy emitted by the patients fingers and toes. They are also used to measure the results of the Colorpuncture treatments.

Peter Mandel coined the term "esogetics" refering to a combination of esoteric intuitive knowledge, with energetics, or the Western models of energy and biophysics to describe his basic tenets for Colorpuncture. Mandel refers to Man's "Program" - as in each man and woman's individual potential in life. This "Program" or potential must be intuited, sensed, understood, and finally manifested if Man is to be fulfilled. That fulfillment of his potential is done via the body and mind, and fuels the manifestation of health in the individual.

How Does Colorpuncture Work?

What is Colorpuncture?

Watch this video for information on how Esogetics and Colorpuncture heals through light and color. Scientists are now accepting that light is actually one of the ways cells communicate in the body, largely due to Popp's work which was taken up by other biophysicists and scientists. Light is one of the ways the body regulates basic body functions.

In a Colorpuncture treatment, frequencies of colored light are focused on the skin using one of the precision instruments designed by Peter Mandel with hand-made color coded glass rods which emit different colors of light through a focused tip. Each color is a different wavelength of light and infuses different energetic information into the meridian, and on to the organs involved in the treatment. All treatments are exact in the number and sequence of treatment. For instance a treatment to balance the hormonal system may put blue light into a particular acupuncture point, but the same point might get green light when treating the lungs. As the light is absorbed by the skin and transmitted along the meridians it balances the systems, relaxes tension, and stimulates blocked energy to move.


is a combination of esoterics and energetics. Peter Mandel has taken information and knowledge from the Kabbala, Chinese Medicine, the TAO, modern physics and biophysics and modern energetic models, and created a new synthesis and named it Esogetics. According to Mandel, esoterics represents the teachings of the cosmic truths and laws governing this world, and energetics describes the energetic processes of life itself. Through energetics, the spiritual content of esoteric wisdom is manifest on the physical plane. Esogetics teaches there is a sense and nonsense to sickness and pain by presenting a path that can, via understanding our body's language and wisdomm, come to a balanced way of life that supports health and higher consciousness.

Health therefore according to Mandel, is related to and dependent on this intuiting, and manifesting of potential, individual blue print. It is similar to the Chinese approach to health which says that a person must find the right espression in life in order to be healthy. Dysfunction and dis-ease comes from many directions, but not understanding, seeing, and manifesting one's personal potential over the long run weakens the organism. In that way it is a completely holistic method.

P117 Lightset

The treatments come in many forms, from brain wave stimulation and balancing, to treatments in sound, to treatments in light. The light and color treatments involve the application of colored light to the skin with an instrument that resembles a simple pen light (left). In spite of its name it does not use needles or pierce the skin. Rather the color sensitivity of acupuncture receptors in the skin is used. Acupuncture meridians, among others, then channel healing information encoded in the light to targeted cells and dysfunctional organs where it is needed. "Color," says Mandel, "is life energy carrying information.... The information heals and the energy carries that information through the cells." The method is based also on the photon light research of Fritz Popp, who uncovered the photon (light particle) communication between the cells.

the seven colors from the P117 light set pictured above -

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