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Colorpuncture Course Level 3 - Function Circles

Course Level 3


2010-2019 Colorpoint Institute. Life Lessons, and how the body is a source of wisdom for daily living, and understanding. Prerequisite: Course Level I

To purcahse this course, please send us a message using our Contact form. You'll receive an answer within 24 hrs, often same day. You will need to certify that you have completed Levels 1 and 2.

You are looking at the Function Circles workbook which comes also with a Learning Audio CD. This Colorpuncture Function Circles workbook is a four week advanced level course in the Colorpoint method. It teaches a body level and higher energetic level version (2 versions) of the Colorpuncture Function Circle treatments. Prerequisite is Levels 1 and 2.


ONLY available with Courses 1 and 2 together.


The function circles:

The Function Circles Course goes in detail into one of the main tenets of Peter Mandel's Colorpuncture, the Function Circles. The Function Circles are the groupings of organs and systems in the body loosely according to the Chinese Acupuncture system (see above list). They are an explanation of the holistic model of how the body coordinates it's functions, but also how the body and mind interact with the experience of emotions, life events, life direction, and stress and relaxation. The Course incudes several levels of treatments including the highest level, the seed leaf layers.

Treatments on these levels of the Functions Circles calls into the recipient's awareness where they are in their life, are they on the path towards fulfillment, doing the right work, or not. If there are symptoms or pain in the body or emotions, what are they showing the person in terms of what they can learn about their needs and direction. Tuning in on this level usually requires the help of a therapist or someone with experience in this kind of tuning in, to mentor. But when directions are followed in the three courses from Colorpoint, including regular use of the tuning in exercises in Course 1 and the active meditations suggested (like Kundalini Meditation that comes w. Course 1), much can be learned about this skill of tuning in.

The Function Circles Course uses the Colorpoint Proven Home Learning Method of combining the Audio Learning CD along with the workbook. You learn by listening to the instructions from the CD as well as reading the workbook. Making notes on what you hear in the audio makes the learning process quicker and you retain more of the material. The Colorpuncture treatments are taught together with therapeutic tools for tracking and releasing the energetic consequences of waking up psychosomatic roots of blockages and dis-ease.

Please read the TERMS OF USE before purchasing.

What you get:

* Course workbook

* Learning Audio CD

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