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Colorpuncture Course Level 1 - Entry

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Colorpuncture Course 1

This 57 page Colorpuncture Course workbook is a two week entry level home learning course into the Colorpuncture method. It includes Colorpuncture treatments, meditations, and tuning in methods to actualize the wisdom of the body released with the treatments. This course contains an in depth introduction to Colorpuncture, Active Meditations, and Trance Healing and how to use the various Esogetics tools to administer the treatments. It also comes with a DVD tutorial on use and care of the P117 Lightset.

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Learn Colorpuncture at Home with Colorpoint Courses

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This is a home learning course where you will learn and practice giving Colorpuncture treatments (color and light treatments) from the Course workbook, and the DVD tutorial. The Level 1 Course has been offered from Colorpoint Inst. since 2000, with many happy graduates who are practicing now. The video tutorial along with the Level 1 Workbook clearly illustrates:

The Colorpuncture treatments are taught together with therapeutic tools for tracking and releasing the energetic consequences of waking up psychosomatic roots of blockages and dis-ease. This method is only found in the Colorpoint Courses, and deals with an essential aspect of integrating these treatments so the recipient can find the most long lasting benefits from them. The Colorpoint Method comes from years of research into the body/mind connection for health, both physical and mental. The Colorpuncture treatments often move emotional energy and create mental spaces which need conscious acknowledgement and release, which is not addressed in the other Colorpuncture training program available from Therapeutic tools for releasing emotional energies aroused by the treatments are included in the Colorpoint Courses.
There is no refund for Course Level I, so please read the contents of the course and the terms of use before purchasing.

Course Level 1 Contents

Chapter 1: Meanings and Effects of Colors, Converter points for knee pain
Chapter 2: Pain Treatments, psychosomatics of pain
Chapter 3: Dream Zones; Tracking your task/potential in this life
Chapter 4: Understanding Pain and Colorpuncture treatments
Chapter 5: Immune System and Color; Use and troubleshooting with P117 light set; Cold treatment, Toxic treatments
Chapter 6: Kirlian Photography, Endocrine System; Endocrine 3 point treatments, Kirlian Finger pad treatments
Chapter 7: Segment Massage; Treating the organs reflexively; segment diagnosis
Chapter 8; Understanding energetics of pain.
Additional Treatments
Acid Stomach Treatment, Back Treatment, Coordination 1 (endocrine), Coordination 6 (endocrine), Endocrine Treatment (full endocrine), Toxic (full toxic treatment), Middle Turbulence, Lymph Flow

Ann Marie F., PhD ND LMT, from Florida writes:

I have had the opportunity to work with the Color point tools for the last month. I have only one thing to say... oh my god... I knew the power of the work and the concept of color for healing has been a major part of my practice for well over 10 years. The enhancement by using the color point pen [ P117 ] is amazing.

From the author:

Jamie St Clair"This method of Colorpuncture combined with meditation, active release methods, and trance healing methods is the culmination of many healers collecting research into the body/mind organism over a period of years. Peter Mandel has done a great thing creating Colorpuncture, and at Colorpoint Institute, we make sure the full benefits of the treatments can be used by everyone. The treatments and input of the color and light will often move energy which needs conscious acknowledgment and release. That's where the active meditations and therapeutic methods in the Colopoint courses come in.

"There are also trance healing techniques from Sarita Newman, John Upledger, and ancient techniques from other cultures that were developed and refined over a period of five intensive years of practice by 15 to 20 therapists under personal supervision from Peter Mandel. This Level I course can be the beginning of a journey which uses the body as a gateway to greater understanding of the whole being. And of course the body contains the wisdom we need to progress on our paths. Where else is that wisdom going to be stored? It's not out there in the ether somewhere, it's right here in our own bodies. We just need to learn how to communicate with our bodies, and listen to what they know already!"

This course is based on the Colorpuncture system including exact color treatments from Peter Mandel, and focuses on how and when to use the treatments, what they address, and how the color treatments function in both the body and mind. Included: how to tune into yourself and/or clients to know indications, and effects both physical and emotional. How color and light travel through the cells of the body, and how the mind reacts to color is also included, and how that affects the body/mind relationship as well as the ability to meditate and watch the mind. These concepts are built on in Level II.

Trisch H. from California writes:

I am really enjoying the color therapy course. I am a naturopath and psychologist. I give Reiki treatments and also reflexology. I work with an acupuncturist and I have just recently begun using microcurrent therapy. Since 2000 I have been working with body energy and I just love the combination of the color.

The Course also integrates methods for learning to understand the body's ways of communicating, and integrating the wisdom of the body in your daily life, providing a solid basis for health and balance. Recommended for both laymen and professionals alike, this course is a powerful tool for learning and teaching health and body awareness, and can be the beginning of a soul level understanding of how the body can be a gateway to higher consciousness.

What you get:

The Treatments:

The workbook is illustrated with 100 high resolution graphics and photos to ensure a clear understanding of the course material. Just to ensure your complete understanding of the material, for the entire first year after purchasing the Course Level 1, you are invited to email any questions you might have about the course to the Institute for a quick response.

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