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The Colorpoint Method is the teaching distilled from years of work with thousands of people from different cultures using Colorpuncture and meditation in the environment of a healing arts, self exploration gathering. Two teachers led this experiment in human consciousness and health, Peter Mandel and Osho. Knowledge about the mind/body connection from both are combined into a method which can be focused on either the body level and physical pain and ailments, on the emotional level and energetic blocks, or the psychic level and spiritual issues and karmic issues.

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Past life methods, dialoguing (from John Upledger), and hypnosis were combined with the latest energetic models of the human body to arrive at the deepest understanding of how an individual can understand and put into action their own purpose in life, thereby calling on their deepest sources of energy and integration. The findings of these experiments showed clearly that people who are living what they perceive as their purpose in life clearly, are less prone to all kinds of health issues, and more healthy in general. It is a teaching in empowerment, in how to educate people in the wisdom of their own bodies, in listening to themselves, and becoming more "Tuned In" to their health and well being based on their own individual truth. This method is not a substitute for proper medical care from a doctor. If you are sick, you should see your doctor. Please read our terms of use before using any products on this site.

The Body and the Mind

In it's essence the method is based on Buddha's teaching of the body: "If you want to see what your body will look like in ten years, look at your thoughts now." This is the basis for any wholistic approach, the knowledge that the body and mind are connected and influence each other profoundly. Scientists and doctors such as Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe) and Dr. James Oschman (Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis, see below "Suggested Reading") have compiled research identifying and documenting the scientific principles upholding this simple statement of the mind/body connection. Working with this knowledge at its deepest level, the Colorpoint Method turns the statement around and asserts, "If you want to release the mind from it's patterns of limiting thought, start with the body's expression. " The Method utilizes the body in clearing blocks in the mind, and vice versa: when physical symptoms are opened and examined, the changes are anchored in the conscious mind.

Hence the incorporation of Active Meditation, using the body to move energy and loosen patterns so the mind can relax, and the individual can begin re-contacting his/her sources of healing, balance and immune regeneration. Essentially this is befriending and making an ally of the mind, which becomes then the most powerful healing agent available to the individual: his/her own mind and beliefs.

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