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Origins of Color Therapy

Healers in many traditions have created systems of meaning around color. Ayurvedic seers work with colors and there are Indian healers who put their clients under a whole color tent. In Munich, a famous psychiatrist put his epileptic patients into a blue room and found they had fewer seizures. The Luscher color test dramatically demonstrated the use of color as an indicator of one's mood and personality.

Peter Mandel Discovers Light Penetrates the Skin

More than thirty five years ago Peter Mandel, German naturopath and health practitioner, started on his own rainbow path when he recognized that colored light could be used directly in healing specific conditions of dysfunction and disease. "The initial spark came," he says, "when I looked at a Kirlian photograph and suddenly suspected that the light rays shooting forth from the skin may have something to do with the acupuncture meridians." (Kirlian photography is a widely recognized technology developed in the early 1900's, that creates a reproducible of the energy rays surrounding the body. Not to be confused with the New Age fad of Polaroid "aura" photography, which has no clinical diagnostic worth.)

"Part of my original idea," says Mandel, "was that somehow every luminescence emerging from the human body must be linked to one our inner organs and monitoring systems of the brain." And more than that, "it tells us about the general state of the person's body." He then double checked his intuition with other forms of diagnosis. Mandel found that what happened at the acupuncture points relating to the diagnosed conditions related significantly to abnormalities in the energy emissions shown by the Kirlian photograph. This confirmation led him to a further discovery.

Color Therapy chart

"If our organism emits light," Mandel continues, "then it was obvious to me that it can also absorb light - at the same points. It was an intuition at first, but meantime I have been proved right by a Chinese physicist who showed that energy meridians are in fact light transmitters. You can insert a spark of light at the tip of your finger and see it emerge almost simultaneously ten inches further up."

Kirlian PhotographFurther confirmation came from the work of Professor Fritz Popp of the University of Kaserlautern in Germany. Dr. Popp demonstrated the importance of light inside each cell and speaks of the "language of the cells" which is possible through photons and microwaves. And in Nowosibirsk, Russia, Mandel's findings are supported by the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine where scientists have proven that meridians can channel light.

Below: examples of Peter Mandel's Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis system of diagnosis with the Kirlian photography: Kidneys, Liver, Endocrine

Kirlian photograph diagnosis Kirlian liver diagnsosis Kirlian photograph endocrine

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