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ColorPoint Institute is a sharing of the teachings of Peter Mandel and the personal growth methods practiced and developed in the "Buddhafield" around the enlightened teacher Osho which took place from 1989 - 1995. The director of Colorpoint Institute, James St Clair, was part of a team that learned privately from Peter Mandel in seminars in various countries over this period, and worked with him together to develop a synthesis of bodywork and meditative therapy approaches including Colorpuncture, counseling, Craniosacral therapy, hypnosis, past life therapy, and the Active Meditations from Osho. Colorpoint's purpose is to make available the understanding and methods of international therapists, teachers, and processes which facilitate personal growth and health, both physical and mental. We focus on Colorpuncture, but include many different modalities in the therapeutic approach to the client. Some of the research that is influential in the Colorpoint Approach is:

The above list is not complete. James St Clair spent 5 years full time researching the effects of Colorpuncture, hypnosis, past life therapy, and Osho's Active Meditations on himself and also on hundreds of clients. This website and the offer of the home learning Colorpuncture courses are a result of this work. Colorpuncture is a method which can uncover the roots of dis-ease and pain. Often when that happens, emotions and unconscious energies are stimulated. The Colorpoint Method includes specific tools on tracking these reactions to treatments, and releasing them so that integration on a new level is possible for the client. Please read our terms of use before using these treatments, courses, and Peter Mandel products. This website is intended for educational purposes only and not as medical advice. If you are sick you should see your doctor.

James St Clair is the director of the Colorpoint Institute, and teacher of the Colorpoint Method.

It could be said that the kinds of explorations invited in this work are best done in the presence of someone with experience to monitor the process. However, in the present age, there is such an urgent need for the light of consciousness to come more into the world, that any source of learning and exprience in that direction is welcome.

The Colorpoint Method

The Colorpoint Courses teach Colorpuncture and the Active Meditations from Osho, as well as several therapeutic techniques for integrating body and mind reactions from the treatments. Our focus is to impart a grounding in Esogetics theory and to teach a variety of treatments along with techniques for tracking their psychosomatic effects. It is very much oriented towards the session environment and stress is given to the therapist client relationship. This is unique to the Colorpoint Method. The treatments and session techniques will be a valutable addition to any practice including

The Courses also teach the tools to be able to recognize the effects of the treatments and help the recipient to integrate those effects. The treatments often start powerful energies moving in the recipient, and having the tools to be able to release those energies and anchor the conscious mind in the new freedom found in that release is very important.

Read the Terms of Use before purchasing course work.

peter mandel

Peter Mandel is a genius and a visionary (About Esogetics, US branch Colorpuncture). His contribution to the field of health and body awareness is great. He's taken scientific research from notables like Fritz Popp and others in the field of light particle research as well as wisdom from various spiritual traditions and combined it into a truly wholistic approach to understanding how energy and consciousness manifests in the body.

The methods and treatments Mandel has generated with color and light go far in enabling people to understand and become free of pain and pain patterns, as well as provide a doorway into understanding the wisdom the body has for all areas of living. The challenge in this day is understanding that in order to become free, more responsibility is needed to be taken for one's own situation. The degree of responsibility a person is willing to take for their own health and well being is equal to the freedom they are able to realize.

Self Care, Body Wisdom

Colorpuncture is not a substitute for medical care, and Colorpoint Institute recommends everyone maintain a relationship with a medical doctor in the case of illness. What's become increasingly clear however, is a trend towards more and more specialization at higher and higher cost in health care. One of the things lost in that process is the understanding that waiting for symptoms and disease to appear and then trying to make them go away is an approach which ignores people's responsibility and potential in understanding what creates health, which is a tremendous empowerment. The Chinese have understood this for centuries. In China one pays his personal physician as long as he is healthy, not while he is ill. In the West, it is not considered scientific the idea the body has it's own intelligence, it's own wisdom, although there is more and more research validating that understanding. Authors like Barabara Brennen (Hands of Light) and Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe) who are scientists and engineers start to bridge the gap between the esoteric (the word literally means "unseen") and the scientific.


Colorpoint Institute has combined the Colorpuncture treatments and the Esogetics from Peter Mandel with meditation. In the Courses the meditation techniques taught strengthen and deepen the effects of the treatments, and provide a way for the recipient to understand the link between their mental and emotional states and health. The combination acts on the body to increase chi and promote health, while also relaxing the mind, and healing the mind/body. Health and peace of mind are of course connected. in this link, you can see some of the most prominent research by the medical community on the effects of meditation on health. The inner silence of the mind seems to be key in healing, and indeed can be said to be a foundation of healing. Meditation is the method of reaching that silence, and done on a regular basis has deep effects on the well being of the body. (The author of the Colorpoint Courses has been a meditator since 1979.)

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